#PositivelyPowerstories – June 23, 2020 – Episode 11

Powerstories Theatre stages true stories to open minds and hearts and inspire action worldwide.

Each week we will share 8 submissions or more from our neighbors around the city, country, and globe. Please enjoy all the stories that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. To send us your own story, click the button to complete our form, and upload your own work.

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Video Submitted By Joe Scarbrough

Musical Director

Working, The Musical

  • Clearwater, FL

Video Submitted By Leilini Shaunrel

Member Girlstories Leadership Theatre

Story Submitted by Miles Wesley Dittmar

At a young age I was fueled with entrepreneurship. Lemonade stands, knitting beanies and scarves, selling skateboards, and homemade duct-taped wallets led to my proudest accomplishment yet. My names Miles Dittmar, I’m 21 years old and I am the CEO and owner of, “Beaten Path Company”. To keep it simple, Beaten Path is not just […]

  • Tarpon Springs, FL

Video Submitted By Daniel Tobias

  • New York City, NY

Story Submitted by Mauri Barnes

Water. Adventure. Luck! That’s my story! My sister and I are standing on the wooden dock in Road Town Tortola in the Caribbean! We traveled so far and are now staring up at the tall ship we are going to board. “Rusty Bucket” someone muttered in the crowd. Shrugging our shoulders, we clamber aboard, eager […]

Past Performer

  • St. Petersburg, FL

Video Submitted By Fran Powers

Founder, Powerstories Theatre

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Jessica Whittington

  • Pittsburgh, PA

Story Submitted by Shelley Sharp

Cousins in the Kitchen My cousins and I have cooked our way through the Coronavirus. And it has served to keep us connected even though we are over 1000 miles apart. The nightly food photo texts began spontaneously on St. Patrick’s Day. My family is proud of its Irish heritage so it was no surprise […]

Story Submitted by Sheri Whittington

My Pandemic Silver Lining We are in the most extraordinary time of my life. This quarantine has been very difficult for everyone, and extremely tragic for many around the globe. I am most grateful and so far, extremely fortunate to be weathering the pandemic safe at home. The psychological aspects are the most challenging for […]

Past Performer

  • Tampa, FL


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