Father’s Day

The Men in Our Lives

#PositivelyPowerstories – June 16, 2020 – Episode 10

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Poem and Photo by Jim Yerman


There are many tragedies in George Floyd’s death
They are interconnected…intertwined…
From the brutal way that he was murdered
to the daughter he left behind.

The daughter he would carry on his back
Where, perched on his shoulders way up high
She would stretch her arms out wide
and feel like an airplane in the sky.

The tragedy that makes us sad
that makes us frustrated…makes us mad
Is how 6 year old Gianna
will now grow up without her dad.

Her family will, no doubt, be there to help her
and she’ll smile when she says his name
but growing up without him
her life will never be the same…

Because they never had the opportunity
to grow together or even say goodbye…
and he never had the chance
to teach his daughter how to fly.

We need to change this now…today!
We must do more than try….
So Gianna’s children will have a father
who can teach them how to fly.

  • Dunedin, FL

Story Submitted by Thomas J. Bostock

IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE PINK AND GOOEY AND SMELL SO BAD? By seventy-five, I should probably be jaded. I’ve been a father, grandfather several times, and now a great grandfather. It’s official. I even have a shirt for it! Surprisingly, the wonder never dies as the cycle of life repeats itself, time after time. […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Carris Williams Cash

MEMORIES OF THE BIG FARM During those young years on the big farm, I lived outside for all the daylight hours. Roaming on the bluff with my black cat or climbing to the top of trees where the wind would blow me around. Pretending I was either flying or sailing and I had never seen […]

Video Submitted By Luke Cash

  • Olympia, WA

Story Submitted by Anonymous

THE LAST GIFT FROM MY FATHER My father died 3 years ago. In the year before his death, I spent a lot of time with him. He shared stories of his youth, and we traveled together visiting family. One of the things we discussed was cars. We were both in the market for a change […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Kaedin Cammareri

Dear Dad, You are such a dad. You: – Rant about politics. – Make cheesy dad jokes. – Insist that I will not be allowed to date until I’m forty years old. – Lecture people in customer service. – Put tons of salt and pepper on everything. – Reminisce about what it was like “back […]

  • New Port Richey, FL

Story Submitted by Beverly Bitterman

I was 21, off at Nursing School, and living off-campus in an OK but not great apartment with my friend Jamie and her sister Mary Anne. I went out to get in my car and it wouldn’t start. Turns out the battery was missing. What to do? Seemed like a problem Dad could solve. Dad […]

  • Lutz, FL

Story Submitted by Julie Ravelo

GLENN Glenn was a cute baby. He was a good baby too. When Glenn was a teenager, he loved to play baseball. He was a catcher. That skill followed him all the way to college. He played as a catcher for Spring Hill College during his freshman year. Although he was a good baby, he […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Georgette De Salvo

After my father died, my mother called my sister and me into their old bedroom. My dad’s big lacquered jewelry box was on my parent’s bed – where he kept his personal things. Together, we were going to go through it. Let me just say that we all loved my father dearly, and he was […]


  • Clearwater, FL

Story Submitted by Deborah Bostock-Kelley

MY MIRROR… My daddy taught me to write by writing To enjoy the feel of a pen in my hand or a keyboard beneath my fingers To believe in magic and mold words into a perfect story To speak with clarity though my voice shook To stand up for myself by standing up for others […]


  • Tampa, FL


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