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#PAWSitivelyPowerstories – May 26, 2020 – Episode 8

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Each week we will share 8 submissions or more from our neighbors around the city, country, and globe. Please enjoy all the stories that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. To send us your own story, click button to the right to complete our form and upload your own work.

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Adopt Your Own Fur Baby

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Housebroken

Please contact Jennifer ( for more information about this pet.tiny is a sweet, small young mama who St. Francis rescued... View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium
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Video Submitted By Jessica Watzman


Most recently seen in Sonia Flew – 2019

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted By Rhonda Eldridge, Community Pet Project

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted By Cecilia Nieves, AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Alexandra Wright, The PIBA Foundation

The PIBA Foundation was founded September 2019 by a group of friends that had a passion to help animals and our local communities. After a few years of volunteering with various non-profits, Angel and I decided to start our own. This is the story of People Inspired by All. The name PIBA, pronounced Pea-buh, was […]

Story Submitted by Ann Lehman

Twenty-three years ago, this holiday weekend, I fell in love. Her name was Heidi and she had been part of the foster care program at the local shelter. Friends had adopted her in February, but by May, the teenage boy had grown tired of this precious puppy. I was lucky enough to be in the […]

Story Submitted by Darouny Bounsengsay

As a kid, I never had a pet. My mom was (and still is) allergic to dander, dust, pollen etc. and my childhood home had burnt orange 80s carpet original to the home my parents couldn’t afford to change. I had a pet rock for a science project in 7th grade and my aunt’s house […]

  • Clearwater, FL

Story Submitted by Julie Ravelo

She came into our lives during a difficult time in the life of a parent. Glenn and I have 3 children; Nikki, Chris, and Ryan. In 2012, Ryan went off to college. We were officially empty nesters. What else is a parent to do during such times full of mixed emotions? We picked Abby out […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Deb Kelley

This is a story about a kitten who fixed three broken hearts and about another who led us to him. Holly was a tiny solid black kitten that my husband, Ken found on Halloween – thus his name. The dogs were barking at this little guy curled up in a ball in their food bowl. […]

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Sheri Whittington

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