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#PositivelyPowerstories – August 11, 2020 – Episode 15

Powerstories Theatre stages true stories to open minds and hearts and inspire action worldwide.

Each week we will share 8 submissions or more from our neighbors around the city, country, and globe. Please enjoy all the stories that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. To send us your own story, click the button to complete our form, and upload your own work.

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Artwork Submitted By Fiely Matias

  • Salem, OR

Poem Submitted By Jim Yerman


A genie offered him three wishes to change the world
Then asked, “What would your first wish be?”
The young man smiled at the genie then said,
“That’s an easy decision for me.”

“I wish for everyone…every person
every son
every daughter, father and mother
to be kind to the Earth
to be kind to the animals
and to be kind…to one another.

The genie said, “You still have two wishes…
what are you going to do?
The young man smiled, “I don’t think I’ll need them
as long as my first wish comes true”.

  • Dunedin, FL

Story Submitted by Ziigwen Mixemong

My dad, Negonquote, is my superhero. My dad’s story is very different than mine. While his parents loved him and each of his siblings, their trauma was too deep and too ugly to leave behind in one generation. Dad was put in an Indian Day School where he learned nothing but violence and self-loathing. What […]

  • Cape Coral, FL

Story Submitted by Sheri Whittington

My Pandemic Silver Lining We are in the most extraordinary time of my life. This quarantine has been very difficult for everyone, and extremely tragic for many around the globe. I am most grateful and so far, extremely fortunate to be weathering the pandemic safe at home. The psychological aspects are the most challenging for […]

Video Submitted by Stephanie Hulbert

  • Valrico, FL

Story Submitted by Suzanne Austin-Hill

A Double Layer Heart-made Cake In our house, my husband is the King of the Kitchen and I am the Royal Taste-tester. On May 1st at the end of our seventh week of isolation (three weeks in Haymarket, VA and the remainder to date here at home in Ruskin, FL), he decided to make a […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

Call: Acts of Kindness During the pandemic, my husband and I (both aged and compromised) have been the recipients of a variety of planned and random acts of kindness from friends, neighbors, and family (near and far). One of which I shared in the May 2020 edition of Positively Powerstories. However, what has been missing […]

  • Ruskin, FL

Story Submitted by Thomas J. Bostock

IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE PINK AND GOOEY AND SMELL SO BAD? By seventy-five, I should probably be jaded. I’ve been a father, grandfather several times, and now a great grandfather. It’s official. I even have a shirt for it! Surprisingly, the wonder never dies as the cycle of life repeats itself, time after time. […]

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Tom Bronson

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Kim Linton

Local business owners are coming together to provide “community kits” to families who need help as a result of the pandemic. We intend to help over 7,500 families in the Tampa Bay Area. Kits will include activities for kids, non-perishable foods, and health & wellness products. So far we’ve partnered with several local businesses (Psalms […]

Video Submitted by Emma Lodgrigue

Hi, I’m Emma I’m 11 and live in Louisiana. I submitted a video in Quarantine Karaoke and someone from this page asked me to submit my video. It’s a parody of Never Enough from The Greatest Showman that I titled “I’ve Had Enough.”

Video Submitted by Katie Welch

I know times can be tough right now. But what I’ve been doing is continuing writing my stories. The good thing about this virus is that I have some time to focus on my writing. Another thing is that I have been creating ideas for new YouTube videos. Like the current one, I’m getting a […]

  • Tampa, FL


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