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#PositivelyPowerstories – August 13, 2021 – Episode 28

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Each week we will share submissions from our neighbors around the city, country, and globe. Please enjoy all the stories that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. To send us your own story, click the button to complete our form, and upload your own work.

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Powerstories Theatre is proud to present the inaugural Voices of Youth Theatre Festival, showcasing local, national, and international playwrights, ages 10 to 18, to a global audience. The festival offers an in-theatre production, 4 virtual presentations, a live Zoom talent showcase, and a Zoom talkback with the youth playwrights.

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Story Submitted by Alishya

Recess Crush The best part about being in 4th grade is RECESS!!!!  Now that I am in middle school, we don’t have recess anymore.  Recess was the best.  I can see it now: hanging out with my best friend, running, talking with kids in my class.  I really miss that. But there was one day […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Story Submitted by Audrey

Miss Shirley You never know where you will make a new friend.  That is exactly what happened to me when I met Miss Shirley.  My church organized volunteering opportunities at a memory care facility.  It was nice and I liked volunteering, but when I met Miss Shirley, everything changed.  Miss Shirley was an elderly resident […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Story Submitted by Camille

The Evil Substitute I’m so over all the changes in school because of the Pandemic, I mean I get it, we have to be safe and careful, but it seems like my teachers are dropping like flies. Now we have a substitute in Science who I truly think is an alien acting like a human. […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Story Submitted by Darrah

Scary Rollercoaster Never say never right? That is except when you’re hanging upside down, hundreds of feet in the air, buckled into a giant metal death trap. Look, don’t get me wrong, I love roller coasters. The wind whipping through your hair and the rush of screaming your face off while you fly around the […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Story Submitted by Emani

Finding True Friends Hear I go!  Good bye California and HELLO Florida.  I could not believe I was moving.  I used to live with my grandfather who is a doctor in California.  I was now moving to live with my mom in Tampa, Florida.  I was really excited.  I was going to start 4th grade […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Halee

Halee – Sweet Lesson Something beautiful can come from something sad.  That is what happened when my grandma’s sister got sick.  She was elderly and lived a good life, but it was very sad seeing her so ill.  During this period, my grandma came up with an idea.  She said to me, “Scooter (that is […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Khloe

Scary Story Ya know that feeling from a perfect vacation? When you’re relaxed and happy and maybe a little sleepy from all the fun? We’d had a great vacation with my family. We rented a beautiful house with an awesome pool.  My cousins came on vacation with us too.  I had sooo much fun.  I […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Kitarra

Stay Calm One day I’m standing outside of school, waiting for my brother Xavier to meet me. We always walk home together. It was a really beautiful day, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, but that was all about to change. All of a sudden I hear Tat-tat-tat, […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Leilani

Tennessee Trip Do you remember the first time you saw snow? As a Florida girl, I will never forget. It was a gentle mist, almost like a light rain. Not really enough to play in, but so cool nonetheless. I was on a family trip in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, and while the snow was beautiful, […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Lillian

My Friend Ian Ring!!!!! That’s the sound of sweet freedom! It’s not that I don’t like Math but the way Mrs. Vincent explains things is so confusing! Luckily, I get to hang with my friend Ian at lunch. Ian is a great friend because he always knows what to say when I’m feeling down. He […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Lydia

Injury Story Do you remember Hide N Seek? It can get pretty intense! One December afternoon my family and I were visiting our friends and all the kids were playing a high stakes round of Hide N Seek. I was IT and had managed to find all but 2 kids, and there were a lot […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Lyric

Lyric – Mistake I always liked mysteries, but I never thought I would get to be a detective in real life! Until 2nd grade when I was asked to solve the “Mystery of the Glitter”. It seemed like a normal day until one by one my whole class realized we were covered in glitter! On […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Reagan

Beach Vacation BRRRR! How cold! It was December 2020.  We always go on a family vacation every Christmas.  Because of Covid, I did not know if we would have a vacation.  On Christmas morning my mom and dad surprised us and said, “We ARE STILL going on vacation!”  This vacation was in Destin at the […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Rihanna

The Annoying Brother Why are little brother’s sooo annoying!? My brother’s name is Jerimiah. Back in December I got a new bike for Christmas! I was so happy! I rode my bike everyday afterschool, all my neighbors oohed and ahhhhed when I rode by….I was loving it! One day I was riding my back afterschool […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Sophia

BFF Replacement The first day of school always gives me butterflies in my stomach, and the first day of 6th grade was no different. I was feeling a little nervous but also excited to see my friends. My best friend Darielle was hilarious – always making up jokes and funny little sayings. Except, when I […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by Sydney

Don’t give up even when things get hard, or you are bored Before I start, you should know that I am a perfectionist. So, when I was about 6 years old, I started taking piano lessons with a teacher named Ms. Porsha. I was really enjoying the piano, but we decided to take a break […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted my Tessa

Proud Moment I will never forget the first day of 3rd grade. I looked around and it seemed like there were a thousand kids in my class. Sure enough, the school realized that something needed to change and selected several of us to move up to a 4th grade class. I was really excited, and […]

  • Tampa Bay, FL


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