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#PositivelyPowerstories – April 28, 2020 – Episode 4

Powerstories Theatre stages true stories to open minds and hearts and inspire action worldwide.

Each week we will share 10 submissions or more from our neighbors around the city, country, and globe. Please enjoy all the stories that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. To send us your own story, visit   to complete our form and upload your own work.

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Alfre Woodard sends congratulations to Powerstories Theatre


Video Submitted by Turner Family

Eleven-year-old gets sends blessings out to the world.

  • Dallas, TX

Video Submitted by Levine Family

Fifteen-year-old gets real about life in the pandemic.

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Adam Sardouk

Eighteen-year-old talks about his unconventional senior year during Coronavirus.

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Jordyn Koche

In these trying and uncertain times, small businesses have taken a big hit, many forced to fire or furlough employees or even halt normal operations altogether. These businesses that are hugely impacted range from hotels, salons, restaurants, medical, and more. Small businesses are the heart of many cities in our country and across the globe […]

Click here to visit Facebook group or here to donate to their GoFundMe
for an organization founded by two high school juniors, ages 16 and 17.

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Paine Family

Ten-year-old writes a play and performs with family.

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Alyssa Salgado

Right now during this time of quarantine and the Coronavirus, I will admit I am having a rough time. Right now I am a junior in high school and we just found out that the rest of the school year is canceled and we will be continuing with online schooling. It’s not something that I’m […]


Raising Twelve 2016 and 2018

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Mesa Family

Thirteen-year-old enjoys performing during social isolation of Covid-19.


Raising Twelve 2017

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Elyse Mulholland

At first I really had a hard time with this quarantine but I’m slowly getting used to it. I’ve mostly been doing my school work which can be quite a lot at sometimes but I’m trying to keep myself active and motivated. I miss my school a lot which is something I never thought I’d […]


Raising Twelve 2017

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted By DeAnna McMahan

Mother and daughter perform together.

  • Phoenix, AZ

My thirteen-year-old daughter loves to draw, and paint and creating art helps her pass time during the Coronavirus isolation.

  • Tampa, FL

My twelve-year-old daughter enjoys doing art like painting landscapes and rocks during our downtime during Covid-19.

  • Oldsmar, FL

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