The Importance of the Arts

#PositivelyPowerstories – October 6, 2020 – Episode 19

Powerstories Theatre stages true stories to open minds and hearts and inspire action worldwide.

Each week we will share 8 submissions or more from our neighbors around the city, country, and globe. Please enjoy all the stories that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. To send us your own story, click the button to complete our form, and upload your own work.

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Video Submitted By Syd Gordon Burkes

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Sushama Kirtikar

Charcoal sketching and oil canvas painting were my favorite leisure activities growing up in India. My grandfather was a commercial artist who did caricatures for news magazine covers and his fine arts paintings of portraits stand today in a couple of museums. My mother is a natural artist and always stoked the fires of my […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Thomas Bostock

Is There a Monster in your Closet? Writing stories is like breathing to me. Some say it is an art. I say it is a passion. It is part and parcel of who I am. Unlike many writers who create outlines and detailed character charts, I only do one thing, I write. I sit at […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted By Lorna Alston

You’re invited to visit my backyard via website and Instagram @gardenofbeleaf, our peaceful space with edibles,flowers delights,and garden accents, including unique solar water fountains to bring you moments of calmness, joy, peace and mindfulness.

  • Parrish, FL

Story Submitted by Sheri Whittington

It’s More Than Just a Choir In an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dated February 2, 2020, Jeremy Reynolds writes: “1 in 6 Americans sings in a choir — and they’re healthier for it”. He continues, “more than 17% of adults in the U.S. participate in a choir of some sort, up from 14% in […]

Story Submitted by Noa Friedman

Time and time again, educators and artists are burdened with the task of fighting for funding for arts in schools because for some reason, cutting arts funding is the “go to solution” for the “how can we save money?” problem. The decision makers figure that an education in the arts is dispensable, even though endless […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Emma Friedman

Having access to an arts education has shaped me into the person I am today. I can’t not imagine what my life would be if I didn’t have access to an arts education in some of my most formative years. It is the reason I wake up every morning with an excitement for doing things. […]

  • Tampa, FL

Story and Video Production Submitted By Barry Silber

  • Lutz, FL

Story Submitted By Kathryn Manz

More than anything I’ve always wanted to matter – to make a difference. Yesterday’s yesterday I was reminded of why this was so important. Sadness and defeat brought me into this world. Tenacity and strength would see me survive. Only time will tell if the marks I’ve made are permanent and clear. Round holes, square pegs struggling to fit in – I can’t force the change. Yesterday’s lesson reminded me – I am the catalyst or the barrier.

  • Rosendale, NY

Video Submitted By Charity Carollo

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Derek Baxter

Over the past few years I had lost a major part of my identity, my voice. Working in a job where I was performing as an actor and using major vocal manipulation five days a week, working around many animals I was allergic to, and working in a building with dust, mildew, and mold so […]

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted By Carly Kuck

  • Tampa, FL


National Arts & Humanities Month (NAHM) is a time for communities to come together in unified celebration of the power of the arts to make a difference and change our lives for the better. In this turbulent year, the arts and humanities have played an important role in getting us through the COVID-19 pandemic and amplifying the need for racial equity.

Whether you’ve participated before or are getting involved for the first time, we invite you to join our #ShowYourArt2020 Instagram challenge and share what you love about the arts with a unique prompt every day in October. These prompts are also a great way to engage students and families in creating and celebrating the arts every day this month!

Be sure to include #ShowYourArt2020 and tag @americans4arts in your posts and you could be featured on Americans for the Arts’ social media.


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