Thanksgiving Blessings

#PositivelyPowerstories – November 26, 2020 – Episode 22

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Founder’s Thanksgiving Message

  • Tampa, FL

Artwork Submitted by Fiely Matias

I drew this with the theme…b thankful for the simple things…In this pandemic I have learned to appreciate simple things…like just sitting and enjoying nature…We have forgotten that, that’s enough sometimes…or many times.

  • Salem, OR

Poem Submitted by Franklin Hills Jr.

A Blessing
To: Mrs. Barbara

Once every now and again such a person like you comes along
One who is brighter than the brightest star, sweeter than the sweetest song…

God creates such special individuals like you and send them our way
For the purpose of enhancing our lives, for the purpose of brightening our day…

You come to us as an angel in human disguise
To help us mature as a person, to help us grow to be wise…

You are a gift from God, that’s plain to see
You have encouraged us all including me…

It’s obvious that you care
It’s evident by your thoughtful deeds and the kind words that you share…

Your friendship and kindness is as pure as a dove
I’m grateful for the way you have shown us God’s love…

You have been blessed from up above
Indeed, God has showered you with immeasurable love…

You are truly heaven sent
To be a Blessing to others, you were meant…

So shine on, continue to do what you do
And the Blessings you give will one-day return to shower you…

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Fran Powers

  • Tampa, FL

Video Submitted by Felicia Sabartinelli

  • Western Colorado

Story Submitted by Vicki Bills

The saying tells us to count our blessings. It’s 2020, the year of COVID, thousands dying alone, to mask or not to mask, parents homeschooling, unemployment, sports played in a bubble, colleges e-learning, meetings on Zoom. Blessings? I guess some blessings would include having time to organize, read, binge watch tv, chat on Facebook, learn […]

Story Submitted by Amy C. Ragg

My, how things can change in the span of a year! This time last year, my family and I were at the hospital wishing, hoping, and praying that my father would survive the Sepsis and multi-system organ failure he was battling after post-surgical complications. Mom and Middle Sister took the day shifts at the hospital, […]

Story Submitted by Barry P. Silber

My Gratitude – When I think of gratitude as I approach my 69th year on this planet, I am struck by the words of the late, great actor and war hero, Harold Russell. Mr. Russell, who lost both arms in World War 2, went on to the win Best Supporting Actor for his role as […]

  • Lutz, FL

Story Submitted by Young Starr

In Kindness- Over the past few years I have known Debbie who has helped me beyond expectation within her own time. During very difficult times (both challenging and unknown at the same time)-Debbie has ALWAYS been there to help and assist me even when I could not afford to pay for her services. The constant […]

  • New York, NY

Video Submitted by Charity Carollo

  • Clearwater, FL

Video Submitted by Sheri Whittington

Every day of November, Luke and his Mom wrote something on his Thanksgiving Pumpkin that he was Thankful in his life as part of his school day. This is a video of him explaining that and sharing some of his favorites.

  • Tampa, FL

Story Submitted by Jim Webb

What Am I Thankful For? I am thankful for the health, wealth, and wisdom that I have been blessed with. The health that I maintain in spite of myself because my wife stays on top of it. The wealth because I am motivated to earn and save by the examples set from childhood by my […]

  • Tampa, FL


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