Story Submitted by Lorri Brown

This all happened in a week! Last Saturday night, a friend, Lizabeth Alexander, shared with me the need for N95 respirators and an open source link for 3D printing of them. I thought it was a great idea and started reaching out to companies on LinkedIn. I put something on face book about it. Eric Burton has a 3D printer at home and started making prototypes. He would message me what he was printing. He was relentless in the hours he worked on this. I saw it was totally possible to do. I decided to try to buy ten small 3D printers. Eric got pricing! Heather Moore and Jim White encouraged me. We kept moving forward Saturday Tim Keeports saw my gofundme. Introduced me to Michael R Guinn. Michael had 14 3D printers he said he would donate for use and set up. We had a meeting with. Christ Fellowship of Tampa. They graciously gave the space for the 3D lab. Today we set up and are ready to print. #Thankyoujesus. Thank you to all! Every morning I prayed for God to lead me.

*On April 1, 2020 – the first mask ever made was used by a nurse.