Story Submitted by Kaedin Cammareri

Dear Dad,

You are such a dad.
– Rant about politics.
– Make cheesy dad jokes.
– Insist that I will not be allowed to date until I’m forty years old.
– Lecture people in customer service.
– Put tons of salt and pepper on everything.
– Reminisce about what it was like “back in your day.”

However, you also do so many amazing things that set you apart from others.
– Tear up over Hallmark and feel-good movies.
– Served in the military for 21 years.
– Watch shows with me till midnight even when it is “lights out at 10:30.”
– Drive me to all of my theater rehearsals.
– Give me a hug every night, no matter what.
– Love and care for everyone, no matter their circumstances.
– Give advice to random strangers like they were your own child.

It would be selfish of me to keep all of your great qualities to myself, so I am glad I get to share you with everyone around me. Please never change. I hope you always cry at sappy movies and make cheesy dad jokes. Don’t ever stop giving fatherly advice to strangers and loving everyone. Your small acts of kindness and small gestures of generosity do not go unnoticed. So I, on behalf of every person you have ever affected, would like to thank you for making our lives a little brighter. I’m sure we would all like to thank you, and any other great dads out there, for putting meaning into Father’s Day. So, maybe you are “such a dad”, but that is what makes you so great. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for being my dad.

Love you most,