Story Submitted by Kamila Khasanova

It is not often that a single phone call results in a job offer the day before graduation. Yet, that is exactly how Kamila Khasanova MBA ’20 landed her position as an account executive at Playbook Public Relations. And it is all thanks to her mentor, Cindy Kane ’76.

Kane is a longtime USF Women in Leadership & Philanthropy (WLP) organization member who recently made a generous gift to both WLP and USF Athletics. Cindy and Kamila began their mentor-mentee relationship through WLP in November 2019. Every month they meet to discuss topics such as career paths, personal growth, and employment. Just before graduation, Cindy recommended Kamila to call Playbook Public Relations’ founder and USF donor, Sally Dee MBA ’11.

“Everybody would think that getting a job was an act of kindness that Cindy did for me by putting me in contact with Sally, however, Cindy showed her sincere interest and engagement in my professional and personal life from the first day we met. I have had multiple mentors prior to Cindy but I could not truly understand the meaning of mentorship before I started working with Cindy. She is a born leader who gives her heart in everything she does,” said Kamila. “The biggest act of kindness that I received from Cindy was dedicating her time to have deep and valuable conversations with me that helped me to secure a job I have today”.

Thank you,