Submitted by Reagan

Beach Vacation

BRRRR! How cold! It was December 2020.  We always go on a family vacation every Christmas.  Because of Covid, I did not know if we would have a vacation.  On Christmas morning my mom and dad surprised us and said, “We ARE STILL going on vacation!”  This vacation was in Destin at the beach.  Most everything was outside so we felt safe.  I was not scared. My grandma came with us.  She is my favorite.  We went swimming at the indoor and outdoor pool.  We went to a restaurant that has live alligators. I had so much fun on the big sailboat with my brother Grey.  My sister and I got to jump on a bungee trampoline.  One morning we woke up and it was a little cold.  My mom said, “Do you want to take a boat and go to the beach?”  It was so much fun, even if it was cold.

Christmas was not the way it normally is.  We had to wear masks.  We had to socially distance.  There were not a lot of people around. But the best part was that my family was together.  I learned that family is important because they take care of you and that as long as you are with your family, everything will be fine.