Submitted by Rihanna

The Annoying Brother

Why are little brother’s sooo annoying!? My brother’s name is Jerimiah. Back in December I got a new bike for Christmas! I was so happy! I rode my bike everyday afterschool, all my neighbors oohed and ahhhhed when I rode by….I was loving it! One day I was riding my back afterschool and all of a sudden CRASH! He slams into my front wheel! I go flying off my bike and hit the ground hard. My brand-new bike was all scratched up, not to mention my knees and hands, and I was on fire! I limped home dragging my bike with me and told my Dad what happened, but all he said was “Accidents happen… I’m glad you’re okay… you have to be careful next time”. WHAT!? It’s like he didn’t even hear the part where my brother crashed into me.

Then there was the time I was missing $10.00 dollars from my room, I looked everywhere; under my bed, in my drawers, in my closets, even in the bathroom. I remember I had one $5 dollar bill and five $1 dollar bills, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH I HAD! I went to my brother’s room and banged on his door. He didn’t answer, so I pushed open the door and walked right in, just in time to see him diving under his bed with my money in hand! Caught in the ACT! RED HANDED! I marched down the hall to tell my Dad, “He stole my money Dad, he has it in his room right now!” My dad made Jerimiah return my money and apologize, but I was still mad. After about 20 minutes Jerimiah came in my room and asked if I wanted to play with his Nerf guns, I could tell by his body language he was really sorry. Even though I was mad, I did want to play with him, so I grabbed the other Nerf gun and chased him outside. I figured, If you love someone you should forgive them…and sometimes annoying people can be the most fun.