Submitted by Lydia

Injury Story

Do you remember Hide N Seek? It can get pretty intense! One December afternoon my family and I were visiting our friends and all the kids were playing a high stakes round of Hide N Seek. I was IT and had managed to find all but 2 kids, and there were a lot of us! We searched and searched for the rest of our group and finally found them hiding in a closet. I remember thinking it was actually a really good hiding spot. Just as I was about to open the closet door, I realized it wasn’t attached. The doors were just leaning against the wall. I knew right away this was dangerous, so I rushed to get the kids out of the closet. I was the oldest and it was my job to take care of everyone. Just as I got them out, the closet door fell…on my foot. It was so painful I screamed at the top of my lungs! My foot blew up like a balloon and turned all kinds of gross colors. Purple, green, blue and even orange! We all thought for sure it was broken. We rushed to the ER and after the X-ray it turned out I had broken my pinky toe in three places! They wrapped up my foot super tight and then I waited for my cast. It was super itchy and super uncomfortable. I spent Christmas morning with my foot propped up watching everyone open their gifts. I was definitely bummed out, but realized that it was a small price to pay since the door could have fallen on one of the younger, smaller kids and hurt them way more. To this day I’m a little nervous around closet doors, but I truly believe you should always just jump in and help someone in need!