Story Submitted by Alishya

Recess Crush

The best part about being in 4th grade is RECESS!!!!  Now that I am in middle school, we don’t have recess anymore.  Recess was the best.  I can see it now: hanging out with my best friend, running, talking with kids in my class.  I really miss that.

But there was one day at recess I do not miss.  Has anyone ever had a WEIRD CRUSH? Well Michael had a weird crush on me.  Now let me tell you about Michael.  Michael had weird crushes on EVERYONE!!!!  Michael was in love with a new girl each week.  I was so glad that Michael had never had a crush on me.  But now he DID!

My best friend and I were hanging out during recess, when a crowd started to form.  All of these kids started to gather around me.  I didn’t know what was going on!  I was thinking to myself, “Whoa.  This is not good!”  Then Michael appeared in the center of the crowd.  In front of the entire group of kids, Michael confessed he had a crush on me.  We were all just standing there.  Everyone was looking at me.  All the kids were waiting for my response.

I was very nice and told Michael that I liked him but not like that.  I felt a little bad but I wanted to tell the truth.  Michael started crying!  The crowd of kids started yelling and telling me how mean I was.  I was so confused.  I was just telling the truth.  I was nice.

Then my best friend pulled me out of the crowd of kids.  She reminded me that Michael does this all the time.  She told me not to feel bad and that I did the right thing.  I learned a lot that day at recess.  I learned that you do not need to give into peer pressure.  Even though the other kids called me mean, I did the right thing.  To think, I learned something so important on the playground!!!!