Submitted by Kitarra

Stay Calm

One day I’m standing outside of school, waiting for my brother Xavier to meet me. We always walk home together. It was a really beautiful day, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, but that was all about to change. All of a sudden I hear Tat-tat-tat, it was so loud I was terrified! Gun shots rang out as students began running in all directions. My teacher Mrs. Kelly ushered me back in to the school along with a dozen other students, all the teachers were doing the same. We quickly walked into a nearby classroom, and the teachers all look terrified. I could feel my breath becoming shorter, I started to panic! Our principal came over the intercom “Please stay calm, the gun shots you heard came from a nearby neighborhood, and the police have secured the premises, please follow your teacher’s directions.” Mrs. Kelly said they were going to walk students home to ensure their safety.

As we were walking all I could think about was never seeing my parents again, what if we hadn’t made it?! my brother… what if they had been in the area of the shooting?! I began to cry, but as we got closer to my house I saw my Father’s car parked in front of our house, and a flood of relief came over me. I was sooo happy to see his face when I walked in the door. I learned a lot that day. I learned how much my parents really meant to me. I also realized how important it is to stay calm and follow directions in an emergency…it can save your life.