Submitted by Lyric

Lyric – Mistake

I always liked mysteries, but I never thought I would get to be a detective in real life! Until 2nd grade when I was asked to solve the “Mystery of the Glitter”. It seemed like a normal day until one by one my whole class realized we were covered in glitter! On our faces, our clothes, it seemed like it was everywhere. No one could figure out where it had come from. My teacher assigned my friend Nala and I to figure it out. We searched the classroom and couldn’t find the source of the glitter. We knew it hadn’t been there the day before so we decided to talk to anyone that might have been in our classroom after school. We interviewed all the teachers in the classrooms nearby – turns out the teacher right next door had come in after school to borrow some supplies and accidentally knocked some glitter on the floor. She called for a custodian to come help clean up, and they did the best they could to sweep all the sparkles away. Mystery solved! Well kinda… We still needed to determine how the glitter had made it’s way all over the classroom and on to us. We searched again and found a faint footprint of glitter. This was a great clue! We had everyone come over one by one and compare their shoe to the footprint. No one matched though, and we were stumped all over again. Until I realized we hadn’t tested our own. Nala wasn’t a match, but when I took off my shoe to compare, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My shoe matched perfectly. Turns out I was the one to track the glitter all over the room and managed to coat my classroom and classmates in the process! I definitely learned not to jump to conclusions before considering every possibility.