Story Submitted By Allison Clark

Hi my name is Allison and I’m 15 years old and i.. i have a story! I once knew a little boy who was so young and new to the world and didn’t know basically anything! When the boy turned about 12 he knew something was off! Except he didn’t know what, he became Sad because he had no friends, and he didn’t know who he was and he caved in his own shell, until one day he realized he didn’t want to stay alone anymore so he decided to go out and try to make some friends! He met this amazing, and Beautiful girl named Savannah! She was so supportive of everyone and everything and always helped when someone was down she always made sure everyone was ok but no one ever stopped to ask her how she felt! One day the boy realized he was transgender and wanted to come out and become a Female! He was going to tell his new best friend but when he went to go to her he found out she had sadly passed away, she was bullied so much that she took her own life because she thought no one cared! The boy cared though he thought it was all his fault so he fell into a deep dark depression, until he came out and started going by a different name and asked to be called she instead of he! The boy became amazingly talented and still is learning, but he will do amazing things, and we all know it! That little boy is Me!!