Submitted by Khloe

Scary Story

Ya know that feeling from a perfect vacation? When you’re relaxed and happy and maybe a little sleepy from all the fun? We’d had a great vacation with my family. We rented a beautiful house with an awesome pool.  My cousins came on vacation with us too.  I had sooo much fun.  I came back from vacation so happy and ready to enjoy some more time off.

Then it all fell apart!!!!  As soon as we returned from vacation, BOTH of my parents tested positive for Covid-19.  Up until this point, Covid was just something I saw on the news.  I knew it was serious because school was shut down and we were all wearing masks.  But this was the first time Covid effected my personal life.

My parents took their positive diagnosis very seriously.  My entire family was tested.  Thankfully I tested negative and so did everyone else in our household.  My parents did not want to infect the rest of our family.  They were being very careful.  My mom and dad locked themselves away in their bedroom.  At first I thought that they were joking.  But they were serious!  All three of us kids had to do all the cooking.  It was so weird to switch places with the adults.

When it was my turn to bring breakfast, lunch or dinner into my parents room, I felt like I needed to really prepare.  I put on 2 masks, an apron, and rubber gloves.  I looked like I was wearing a full surgical suit ready to go into battle!

My parents eventually got over Covid and my family got back to normal.  I have to say that I learned a very valuable lesson during this experience.  No matter how scared I was of Covid, I had to help my family.  I could not let my fear control me.  I learned that fear can’t get in the way of doing what I need to do.