Submitted by Sophia

BFF Replacement

The first day of school always gives me butterflies in my stomach, and the first day of 6th grade was no different. I was feeling a little nervous but also excited to see my friends. My best friend Darielle was hilarious – always making up jokes and funny little sayings. Except, when I texted her about coming to my birthday party over the summer, she never responded…weird. Then I saw her at school on the first day and she acted like she didn’t even know me. My heart was broken. Why was she acting like this? Did I do something to her? I was totally confused and feeling sick to my stomach. The 3rd period bell rang, and I didn’t even want to go to lunch. Who would I even sit with? I thought “maybe I should go hide in the bathroom”, but before I knew it, I was walking right into the lunchroom. For a moment I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, but all of a sudden, I heard someone say, “Hey Sophia!” It was Sarah, a girl I knew from my elementary school. I was so relieved, I immediately sat down by her. We ate lunch together and I found out we actually had the same 4th period class. I was starting to feel a little better, and then I thought “maybe Sarah can be my new best friend”, but it’s kind of weird to ask someone to be your best friend on the first day of school…isn’t it? Then I thought about Darielle, and how rude she’d been to me earlier, for some reason that anger gave me a boost of courage, and I decided to ask her. Once we sat down and got comfortable in our next class, I just blurted it out “Sarah, do you want to be my best friend?” “Sure!” she replied. A wave of relief came over me and Sarah and I have BFF’s ever since. When I think about that first day of school, I wish I wouldn’t have been so scared, I learned that losing a best friend can make room for a new one.