Story Submitted by Camille

The Evil Substitute

I’m so over all the changes in school because of the Pandemic, I mean I get it, we have to be safe and careful, but it seems like my teachers are dropping like flies. Now we have a substitute in Science who I truly think is an alien acting like a human. Besides her crazy make-up being very distracting, she doesn’t know how to help us learn science. Science is my favorite subject, especially the way Mr. Clark used to teach it. I can just feel the sub doesn’t like me. Last week in class, we were told to complete pages 22-26. The lesson covered the parts of a cell, which I had already learned the summer before, so I flew through it. I showed the teacher my completed work so I could get my check for the day, but she told me since I finished the assignment so quickly, she wanted me to complete pages 27&28. Well, I was NOT a happy camper. Why should I have to do more work just because I completed my assignment? I told my friend Ethan what happened and he said, “she told me the same thing”. I decided this was not fair and I should say something. I approached our sub and said, “Excuse me, but I don’t think we should have to do more work just because we completed our assignment.” She said, “Well if I wanted to know what you thought, I’d ask you.” What kind of professional says that?! This was an outrage, and I wasn’t going to take it. Turns out the teacher reported US and we were told to go see the principal after school We pleaded our case. He really listened and he agreed we should not be punished for completing our assignment quickly. When I went home, I told my parents what happened, and they were proud of me for standing up for what I believed in. I learned how to speak up, even if it’s to an adult.