Story Submitted by Alyssa Salgado

Right now during this time of quarantine and the Coronavirus, I will admit I am having a rough time. Right now I am a junior in high school and we just found out that the rest of the school year is canceled and we will be continuing with online schooling. It’s not something that I’m used to and now I need to get used to it. One thing that I don’t like about school being canceled is not being able to see my friends as often as I used to. I try to keep in touch with as many as I can whether it’s texting them or facetiming. I’m very much a social butterfly, I love talking to people, going out places but I can’t really do much of that anymore in this period of time. The only person I can talk to face to face is my mom, I love her but I’m going crazy cooped up in here and she is too.