Story Submitted by Sheri Whittington

My Pandemic Silver Lining

We are in the most extraordinary time of my life. This quarantine has been very difficult for everyone, and extremely tragic for many around the globe. I am most grateful and so far, extremely fortunate to be weathering the pandemic safe at home. The psychological aspects are the most challenging for me, but like many I have also discovered blessings and gifts within the constraints of our lockdown. My biggest gift, and silver lining has been the extra time I have been able to spend with my grandson, Luke Skywalker Cash. My “little” brother is much younger than me and was a confirmed bachelor for years before finally marrying a great lady and starting a family. Our parents both passed away the year before Luke was born, so I now have the great privilege of being his Mimi. They live in Olympia, Washington, but I have been able to visit twice before the pandemic.

By trade and love I have been involved in Theatre and the performing arts for most of my life. First as an actor, then directing and teaching. I volunteered my little brother to be in a musical when he was 5 years old, and then did the same with my three daughters. I was grateful to hear how much my brother appreciated the plays and classes once he was grown. I was honored when he and my sister-in-law asked if we could do my Fairytale Theatre Class via zoom while Luke was out of school. He is an extremely bright four-year-old and it has been a task keeping him challenged and learning while in lockdown. I was thrilled to give it a try! Now we have class every Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm EST, and as it turns out, I probably love it more than he does. We have a great time doing stories, songs, finger puppets, the magic tunnel and dressing up. The time flies, I’m learning to teach online and it’s just fine if we go overtime. It has given me something to look forward to each week, and I also got to “attend” his Birthday party via zoom. It has been a true blessing and something I will always hold dear as our special time together. Of course, I can’t wait until I can see him in person and get that great big hug, but in the meantime, it is the next best thing.