Story Submitted by Donna Jordan

What makes me happy is to be able to see the smile on someone’s face when I give them one of my pieces of rock art OR a blanket I created OR when I have helped them! I retired from the Bureau of Land Management – Department of the Interior where I was an Administrative Assistant and the Federal Woman’s Coordinator. I represented women in government and was tasked with alerting the executives of situations and problems occurring with women working in government service. During my time I was able to help nursing mother get a room with a locking door, comfortable chair and a small refrigerator to aid them in pumping and storing breast milk. I also worked at Area 51 and was the liaison for the F117 pilots and their families while they were deployed during Desert Storm. As a Historian I am a commissioner for the Grand County Historical Preservation Commission and an Author of several historical books as well-as-a children’s series of books based on historical figures of this area ~ taking place in areas that the children already know about or have been too. The kids learn about the history of Moab and how to treat and use public lands. I am an artist ~ I do paintings on rock (a lot of Delicate Arch) ~ some of the small rocks I leave while we are out hiking, for someone to find as a small surprise and most of the larger rock art pieces I donate to organizations for them to generate funds!