Story Submitted by Beverly Bitterman

I was 21, off at Nursing School, and living off-campus in an OK but not great apartment with my friend Jamie and her sister Mary Anne. I went out to get in my car and it wouldn’t start. Turns out the battery was missing. What to do? Seemed like a problem Dad could solve. Dad was a shift supervisor at Dow Corning in Hemlock, Michigan. He was working 3 – 11 that day. So, getting to him involved calling Mom to get the number, dialing it up and because it was second shift and the operator worked days, Dad answered my call. I explained the situation. Dad said “Ask Dave (Jamie’s boyfriend) to take you to K Mart and buy the medium-priced battery. Then ask Dave to put it in. Go buy him a 6 pack of beer as a thank you.” Worked like a charm.