Submitted by Halee

Halee – Sweet Lesson

Something beautiful can come from something sad.  That is what happened when my grandma’s sister got sick.  She was elderly and lived a good life, but it was very sad seeing her so ill.  During this period, my grandma came up with an idea.  She said to me, “Scooter (that is her nick name for me) you should do something to help all the grandparents who do not have their grand kids around to help them.”

I am proud to say that I am close with my grandma and I always help her around her house.  I love being with my grandma.  She is a great cook.  She has a full kitchen filled with professional equipment.  Then it came to my grandma.  She decided that we should bake delicious banana bread to pass out to her neighbors.  She lives in a 55 and up community so it would be perfect.  And that is how Banana Go Nuts was formed.

Banana Go Nuts is my non-profit that I run with my mom and my grandma.  Each Saturday we take banana nut bread door to door in elderly communities.  We do not sell the bread.  We give it away for free.  We first thought, “Maybe we should do this online.”  I told my grandma I would rather do it in person because some elderly people may not have internet and would never find out about us.  So on Saturday morning my grandma or mom drives behind me as I take my banana nut bread door to door.

We first started with full loaves.  I told my grandma, “Why don’t we do mini loaves?!” I thought that a full loaf would be too big for someone who lives alone or maybe too much sugar.

I have been running Banana Go Nuts for one year now. It feels so nice to help others.  I didn’t realize how much people appreciate this small gesture.  I think the lesson I learned is even better than my banana nut bread!