Story Submitted by Jackie Walker

My Mom was a beautiful angel inside and out! Her friends gravitated to her smile and beauty in giving. I am an only child and she was my very best friend. We could be together every day and as soon as we got home we would call each other to chat and say just “One More Thing!” For years she volunteered at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida where she lived and I grew up. She interacted with so many families that would visit the gift shop for some touch of joy to bring to their patient’s rooms. She heard the stories and listened intently and offered a hug, that beautiful smile, and just a word of encouragement. When she went to Heaven they closed the gift shop for the very first time and every volunteer stood together at the cemetery to honor her. I know in my heart if she were here today in this climate she would be the very first to offer help to all that needed it. I miss her every moment of every day. They say that when you lose your Mother you have to grow up. I will never lose her as she is forever with me in all my deeds and actions. I am truly fortunate to have had a Mother’s love and devotion like hers.