Story Submitted by Deborah Bostock-Kelley


My daddy taught me to write by writing
To enjoy the feel of a pen in my hand or a keyboard beneath my fingers
To believe in magic and mold words into a perfect story
To speak with clarity though my voice shook
To stand up for myself by standing up for others
To stand tall when I wanted not to stand out
To judge a person only by the content of his character
To not brand a person with biased labels
To give a dollar to a stranger because it’s the right thing to do
To be kind when no one’s watching
To never be scared to soar by giving me wings
To know I have a safe landing place, should I falter in flight
To not let a diagnosis define you
To fight like hell against an invisible monster
To never be afraid to show I am afraid
To accept a setback as it is and move forward
To celebrate the smallest triumphs
To appreciate the little moments
To love by loving
To do by doing
My daddy still teaches me