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Story Submitted by Alyssa Cabrera

Imagine leaving your country, entering a new one, and feeling like you’re in a completely new world without understanding the language. That is what my grandmother, Maria, went through. On Sunday, May 12, 1968 my grandmother left Cuba with her husband Johnny and her seven-year-old daughter, Ana. At the time, Ana weighed 26 pounds which […]

Story Submitted by Rick Rhodes

Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones Mary Harris Jones was born into a poor family of tenant farmers in Ireland. Her father and grandfather rebelled against injustices imposed by their British overlords. Her grandfather was hanged; her father was about to be hanged, before he made his escape to America. In school, Mary an exceptional student, and […]

Story Submitted by Deb Kelley

In November 2013, after an inspiring magazine interview of the founder of Redefining Refuge, a woman creating Redefining Refuge, a home for rescued, trafficked women and children, I decided that I had to help her. Being involved in theatre, I chose to do a spoken word showcase called Life Amplified to help her fundraise…. two […]

Story Submitted by Judy G

My Mom will be 91 next month. My Dad died 4 years ago. They were married for over 60 years. My Mom lives independently in the house where I grew up. She is 5’2” with snow white hair and fierce green eyes. She cleans her house every day. Still shampoos the carpet, scrubs down the […]