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Story Submitted by Shelley Sharp

Cousins in the Kitchen My cousins and I have cooked our way through the Coronavirus. And it has served to keep us connected even though we are over 1000 miles apart. The nightly food photo texts began spontaneously on St. Patrick’s Day. My family is proud of its Irish heritage so it was no surprise […]

Story Submitted by Mauri Barnes

Water. Adventure. Luck! That’s my story! My sister and I are standing on the wooden dock in Road Town Tortola in the Caribbean! We traveled so far and are now staring up at the tall ship we are going to board. “Rusty Bucket” someone muttered in the crowd. Shrugging our shoulders, we clamber aboard, eager […]

Story Submitted by Anonymous

THE LAST GIFT FROM MY FATHER My father died 3 years ago. In the year before his death, I spent a lot of time with him. He shared stories of his youth, and we traveled together visiting family. One of the things we discussed was cars. We were both in the market for a change […]