Story Submitted by Anonymous


My father died 3 years ago. In the year before his death, I spent a lot of time with him. He shared stories of his youth, and we traveled together visiting family. One of the things we discussed was cars. We were both in the market for a change and we were both looking at SUV’s. He had a big truck and was ready to downsize. He also thought he would buy Mom a newer model car. She had an old Cadillac she called her “creampuff” car. Dad was very knowledgeable about cars and we discussed which model would be the best and so on. One day when I went over to visit, there sat a SUV in the carport. He had gone out and chosen a new car before me! We all laughed about it and used that car to travel around. It had lots of “bells and whistles”. He just knew it was the right car for Mom for after he was gone. 6 months later Dad died. One of the things I wanted to do was buy that car from Mom. She did not want it, did not like it, and was set on keeping her “creampuff”. So, are you wondering how it is that a car I bought from Mom is a gift from Dad? Well, let me tell you. I knew it was a very good car if my Dad picked it out and I would not have to worry about going to a dealership and haggle my way through a car sale. And every time I drive the car, I have the memory of Dad in the passenger seat as my co-pilot, telling me stories. If you see me in my car, all alone, talking to myself, you might think I am crazy. But I am not. I am talking to my Dad. He still rides with me in that car, listening to all my stories. What a great gift! Thanks, Dad.